Adventurer by Fate
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Luther rewatch | flawless ladies » Jenny Jones. "Don’t ask me questions. I don’t like questions."

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Fiona Gallagher
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They want a parent. A real parent.

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25 Days of Ladies » Day Seven: A female character that needs more all the screen time

I make nerds look good

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Sloan Sabbith
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get to know me meme [1/5] female characters: Sloan Sabbith (The Newsroom)

                                      “Why [did you set the Treasury Secretary on fire]?”

                                      “Just to show the other Cabinet Secretaries that  I  c o u l d.
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Mickey Milkovich
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ask something
Anonymous asks: top 6 favorite happy mickey moments!


  1. 4x11 when ian compliment his legs like a good boyfriend and mickey calls him a fucking dick and then they banter a little and mickey’s smile so wide ahhh yiss
  2.  3x06 when he presents his anal beads to ian like he’s got zero shame, he owns this sex toy and he wants ian to use it with him and the smile he’s got when he’s explaining them to ian my happy tiny little bottom prince uwu
  3. 4x12 when he wakes up naked with ian spooning him naked and he sees ian’s yaoi hand holding his naked and he looks so content and soft and vulnerable naked and he caresses ian’s face and oh yeah they’re naked and sharing the same side of the giant bed and so comfortable with each other wtf
  4. 1x08 (??) when they’re playing video games and they’ve just did the do and mickey presses his legs against ian’s and he’s all like “watch and learn” and he’s still feeling a lil vulnerable but not wanting to be clingy but still wanting to be near ian hahahahahaha 
  5. 4x11 when they’re pushing!!! and shoving!!!! each other into walls!!! and mickey tackles ian into bed!!!!!!!! and calls him tough guy!!! why didn’t they fuck??!?!
  6. 1x10 (???) when ian goes to visit mickey in juvie and tells him that he misses him and did something to get him money for his commissary and mickey is so bashful and looks down and loos away hiding his smile and the little bb is so in love so early on kill me now
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Ian x Mickey


important things: mickey holding ians arm in 2x08



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I knew the sex was not going to be gratuitous and vulgar the second I saw it was written and directed by women



Game of Thrones should take note.

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Imagine if people’s hair color matched their eye color

/every person who has brown hair and brown eyes sighs deeply

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Ian x Mickey Fanmix
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the farther I fall I’m beside you     a gallavich fanmix (x)