Adventurer by Fate
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Bucky Barnes


B is for: Bionic, Brainwashed, Bucky
Winter Soldier ABC's
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Grant Ward
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Enemies are nothing compared to traitors, after all. It’s the people you hold closest who have the power to make you bleed.

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A Single Man
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"Don’t you ever miss this? What we could have been to each other, having a real relationship and kids.

- I had Jim.

No, I mean real relationship. Let’s be honest, what you and Jim together had was wonderful but, wasn’t it really just a substitute for something else?

- So is that what you really think, after all these years? Huh?.. You think Jim was just some kind of substitute for real love? Jim was not a substitute for anything. Do you understand?


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Jemma Simmons High Quality
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What is in that box?

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Life Jemma Simmons
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"That’s my girl!"

— The entire agents of S.H.I.E.L.D fandom when Simmons said “The T.A.R.D.I.S.”

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Agents of SHIELD
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SHIELD no longer exists. The agency has been labeled a terrorist organization.

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Ward x Simmons Fandom
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Quick spirit booster


We’re suffering as we have suffered, and shall continue to suffer but only more so than usual. I think we’re conducting ourselves rather well.

Being content with knowing we could tell a better story is all good and fine, but creating multiple complex narratives with the same core of human emotion is more ambitious and it’s been a habit of ours from the start

Things suck extra hard right now but I’m happy you guys are around to make it easier to swallow. If nothing else we’ve come a hell of a long way from “Simmons, what did your S.O. assign you in training?”.

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Ward x Simmons
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The Only Light in the Darkness [1.19]

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The White Queen
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I would be a Queen of stone.

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Life Loki Laufeyson
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 #and that’s when I realized I cared more about Loki than any other character in the movie.